Invest 18 minutes learning the truth about homosexuality, unwanted Same Sex Attraction, how it originates, how to prevent it, and how to overcome the homosexual desire for those who are looking for change.

Make sure you have all your friends and relatives order these books from your local library to eliminate "gay" agenda censorship.

Resources from Defend the Family

"Gay" Recovery
· Ex-Lesbian Janet Boynes Tells Moving Story of Conversion
· Help available for those struggling with same-sex attraction
· Palin church promotes reparative therapy

Business World
· Massachusetts Man Says He Was Fired for Telling Colleague Her Gay Marriage...
· 'Call in gay' day protests bans on homosexual 'marriage'
· Sells Out after Homosexual Activist Files Complaint using New...
· AFA ends boycott: McDonald?s agrees to changes

· Media Shields "Gay" Pedophile
· Argentinean Homosexual Teen Murders Mother over Opposition to Sodomy
· Lesbian jailed for false rape accusation
· Church of alleged lesbian rapist/murderer searched again

Funding of "Gay" Agenda
· Goldman Sachs' real sin
· 'Gay'-marriage barrage: 'Follow the money'
· AIDS Profiteers Live High on Taxpayer Dime
· Homosexuals immune to Mass. budget cuts

Hate Crimes & Fraud
· Christian preacher arrested for saying homosexuality is a sin
· 'Hate' laws could label 5-year-olds 'offenders'
· Burning Crosses: The True Purpose of the “Hate Crime” Law
· Obama signs 'hate-crimes' bill into law

· Historian finds Link between leftist radicalism and pedophilia
· The Strange, Strange Story of the Gay Fascists
· Historian: Lincoln gay claim a hoax
· Drinking Harvey Milk?s Kool-Aid

· Proposed Panamanian Law: $5,000 Fine for Disrespectful Comments towards Hom...
· Argentineans Take to the Streets While Senate Debates Gay 'Marriage' and Ad...
· Christian Views on Homosexuality Deemed "Hate Speech" by European Rights Ag...
· Archbishop Warns of “Civil Unrest” in Wake of UK Court Ruling against C...

Legal Issues
· Schwarzenegger ignores state responsibility to defend Prop 8
· Court protects petition signers from harassment
· New campaign demanding 'gay' Prop. 8 judge be booted
· 1 Judge voids 7,000,000 voters

Marriage and Family
· If marriage is lost, we lose everything
· Gay Marriage and the End of Christian Civilization
· 'Saboteur in chief'
· Rabbis Join N.J. Gay Marriage Debate

Media and Culture
· Media Need Tea Too
· My Comment on The Daily Show Interview
· 'Thought police' slam pro-family media with fine totaling $125,000
· Huckabee Likens Gay Marriage to Incest, Polygamy

· Senate deals blow to 'Don't ask, don't tell' repeal in 56-43 vote
· Obama 'throwing the case' over 'gays' in services
· Donnelly: Military Families Back 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
· Don't Ask, Don't Tell National Secrets

· A Message to Visitors
· Planned Parenthood Leader Resigns After Watching Ultrasound of Abortion Pro...
· The Gay Community is Losing Friends
· Planned Parenthood under investigation for fraud

· What Homocon is all about
· Gay-rights activists seducing conservatives
· Elena Kagan’s Radically Pro-Homosexual, Pro-Transsexual Record at Harvard...
· Editorial: Should We Ever Elect an Openly Gay Politician?

Pro-Family Advocacy
· Ken Hutcherson to Keynote AFTAH Banquet Nov. 13
· Today's 'conservatives' and the sin problem
· KNIGHT: Truth in labeling for former 'Conservatives'
· Black Christians demand 'rebuke' for 'unwise' Obama

· Prof. Rob Gagnon Takes Andrew Marin to School on the Bible and Homosexualit...
· Church Blasts Gay Priests Leading 'Double Life'
· "Gay" Priest Embezzled Church Funds For Lavish Secret Life
· Minn. pastor likely to keep job despite gay report

Schools and Colleges
· 'Lose Christianity or face expulsion'
· The E-Mail that Got Dr. Kenneth Howell Fired at U. of Illinois
· Judge Backs "Gay" Harassment of Librarian
· Christian college prof encourages 'gay identity'

Science and Medicine
· New Study Linking Childhood Abuse, Homosexuality Causing Uproar
· Gays: Don't treat birth defect if related to lesbianism
· CDC anti-abstinence sex report debunked by insiders
· Homosexual, Bisexual Men 50 Times More Likely to Have HIV: CDC

Sexual Orientations
· Douglas Spink Arrested In BESTIALITY Case: Mice In Vaseline, Dogs, Horses F...
· Is sex with animals becoming accepted?
· Police: Illinois Teacher Claims to Have Molested 75 Boys
· Former Mr Gay UK 'slit lover's throat then marinated his diced flesh with f...

· Young woman booted from team for being straight
· Secret snapshots
· Not even baseball safe from 'gay' promotions
· Rally To Make Your Stand For The Kids of San Diego on Sunday - July 8, 2007

Street Activism
· 'Gay'-pride parade features 10-year-old grand marshal
· St. Louis Agrees to End Ban on Christian Handouts During Gay Pride
· Contrary to Mainstream Media, Hundreds of Thousands at Giant Washington Mar...
· Young evangelist attacked by angry homosexual

· Uganda Hate Crime Hoax Hits Home
· Scott Lively, Father of Uganda's Pro-Family Movement
· Uganda President Museveni warns on dangers of sodomy
· My Letter to the Ugandan Parliament and Reply

· How a group of Christian students successfully confronted the homosexual "D...
· Federal jury decides in favor of Scouts
· Calif. lawmakers mix scouting with sexual politics
· Pediatricians warn educators not to promote being 'gay'


ABEO - Northern Ireland (Scientific)Courage

Evergreen International
(Latter-day Saint)

Family Watch International

German Institute for Youth and Society

Homosexuals Anonymous (Christian Fellowship)

International Healing Foundation

JONAH: Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality

NARTH: National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality


PARAKALEO (Christian, U.K. - Gender Identity Confusion)

PFOX: Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays

People Can Change

Powerful Change Ministry Group (African-American Christian)

Reality Resources
(Transgender Issues)

(Secular Mexico)

True freedom Trust
(Christian UK)

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